architectural design.

Our work involves developing sustainable and creative solutions that are the product of extensive architectural research.

In this way, the individual designs are developed to be perfectly integrated into their settings in terms of their features and aesthetic values.

We provide:
| conceptual design development
| drawings and specifications
| 3D scale model development
| suggested materials & graphics


The company has completed more than 65 large and small scale projects and has a varied portfolio in construction business. From residential properties to private villas, and commercial spaces to resort development. We work closely with a group of trusted and experienced pprofessionals in every phase of the construction process ensuring that we deliver on time and cost.

We offer:
| masterplan implementation
| landscaping
| sustainability and feasibility study
| site supervision
| construction services from start to finish

project management.

We undertake projects from inception through to delivery with great efficiency and flexibility to retain client’s needs.

We continually assess risk and safety and examine carefully the project’s feasibility study.

Our team has deep knowledge of the Greek building licensing and operational system in Athens as well in the area of Cyclades islands.

interior design

Since 2006, Rythmodomi has provided complete interior design services to private individuals and property developers, from the conceptual phase through to supervising the execution.

We provide:
| conceptual interior design
| furniture design development
| drawings and specifications
| material and textile sampling
| commissioned artworks


Since 2012, Rythmodomi has expanded its activities into the hospitality industry and tourism services mainly in the island of Kythnos.

The company owns and operates K4 Kythnos, with various sea-side complex of luxury villas, in the areas of Kanala, Kastellas and Miloi, offering unique accommodation facilities.

Visit K4Kythnos website

property sales / leasing

Rythmodomi is developing a series of projects which are available for immediate sale to individuals or investors.

Also owns and manages residential and commercial properties, which are available for renting or leasing.

Kythnos properties    Kythnos plots


Rythmodomi launched its vacation rental management service, through its subsidiary K4Kythnos. The service is offered exclusively to Rythmodomi’s clients in Kythnos island.

If you are looking to buy a vacation house, and you feel you are not going to use it enough, we can rent it for you for the weeks of summer you are not there. This way you can have an extra income, the expenses of your house paid and ease of mind that your property is looked after throughout the year.


Please get in touch if you have any queries. We will be happy to help you out with the information that you need.